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June 2006


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Robert J. Ed

Once again congrats...I haven't been around for a while. I forget that sarcasm or jestful comments don't commute well over the information highway. I love Sherpa; read their reports consistently and hopefully didn't offend anyone over there.

Everyone is branding and selling themselves constantly. Those that do it with tact and content, like Sherpa, are providing me with something in return...a great new blog, an idea for my marketing, etc. and deserve all the name recognition they get.

Steve Gershik

Robert, good point. The prize is publicity, but the originators of the contest don't have to lay out any capital to provide a reward, nor do they need to develop a sophisticated method of nominating, screening, balloting and tabulating responses. In may ways, it is a highly effective guerilla marketing tactic.

And while I don't agree that the Sherpa people are narcissists (more down-to-earth people you will never meet), I do completely agree with your conclusion that positive word of mouth is greater than the prize itself.


Robert J. Ed

Good post...one key omission: the contest is not limited to one prize, but potentially thousands. The postable icon is precious, but the more important factor is the press and readership of those who delve into an innovative blog such as your own.

You may claim the contest a self serving endeavor and be correct; still, without this contest I would never have read your blog. A good following is worth more than any prize that those narcissists at Sherpa could ever give away.

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